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Kneeboard Tower Rack

Price: $273.23
Model: 263
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Dominion Series Kneeboard and Wakeboard combo rack is the newest and most tecnological advanced design available. When we took on this project our sole purpose was to create the best looking tower rack design ever made, and then introduce features that solve problems of wakeboard racks in the past. This new rack took us nearly a year to design and test. We believe we got it right; it is now time for you to decide.

Dominion Kneeboard and Wakeboard combo racks feature a unique curved back plate design that meets the fingers on the end of the plate. We construct this rack with cast 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, and double polish our racks for a deep mirror shine. Our fingers feature a large center finger to minimize board rattling and slapping together when on the go. Rubber bumper inserts are inside the fingers and bungie straps are included for complete board protection. Our new clamp design is opened and closed on a hinge which requires only 2 bolts to tighten or loosen making the clamp easy installation, adjusting, and removing. Inside the clamp is where the technology kicks in: we use UV protected pvc inserts that pop in and pop out to protect against tower scratching, also making installation easier. The clamp will rotate 360 degrees in 22.5 degree increments to help adjust the rack to a horizontal level: what allows our clamp to rotate is a set of 4 small pins that are spring loaded engaging 22.5 degree increment slots on a disc all within the clamp. This rack will fit all horizontal and vertical tubes and adjust to any angle in between. Kneeboard finger opening is 4.15"


Tower Clamp Size Available: 1 1/2", 1 5/8", 1 3/4", 1 7/8", 2", 2 1/4", 2 3/8", 2 1/2"

Unique curved back plate

Double Polished 6061 Aluminum

Clamp mount adjustable 360 degrees

Fits both vertical and horizontal tower bars at virtually any angle

Bungee cord for secure board fit

Soft rubber inserts for secure tight board protection

Gets your boards off your floor

Secures 2 boards; 1 x kneeboard 1 x wakeboard


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