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X600 Underwater Marine Lights

Price: $201.95
Model: 1020
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X600 Under Water Boat/Transom LEDs. All our LEDs feature Super Class High Powered LEDs encapsulated by the latest in high efficiency heat disipating casings. Our Super Class LEDs feature high luminous efficiency, a life span that reaches 50,000 hrs, amazing wide current working range, and very low power consumption. Our casings are Waterproof(IP68), Shake-proof, Energy-saving, Environment-friendly, and manufactured with solid stainless steel 316 for the harshest environments: tested in fresh water, salt water, and brackish water. If you are looking for the best in underwater marine LEDs; then you have come to the right place.

Our X600 features 6 x bulb LEDs in water proof stainless steel casing. This surface mount LED is easy to install, and only requires a 3/16" hole for wiring. Our underwater boat LEDs are super bright, and will light up to 30' of water (depending on water clarity) behind your boat in 180 degrees. These underwater marine lights were designed by Bullet Lines to out perform all other brands in brightness (Lumens), power consumption, heat, and ease of installation. Underwater boat LEDs mount to the rear wall (transom) of your boat under the water line, and come in your choice of white, blue, yellow, green, or red.






Colors: White, Blue, yellow, green, or Red

Super Class high powered LEDs; 6 x 1watt

High efficiency heat disipating water proof stainless steel 316 casing

Waterproof(IP68), Shake-proof, Energy-saving, Environment-friendly

Easy Surface Mount installation; Installation time is less than 1 hour

Lights up to 30' of water.

Low power consumption: under 1/2 amp

Lumens: 360

Voltage: DC 12.5V

Power: 6W

Peak Angle: 180 degrees

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