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YMT 48" Inch LED Light bar

Price: $575.00
Model: 123ln
Average Rating: Not Rated
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Brake Lights:


This light bar has been tested and passed for performance. This light bar measures approx. 1210 x 310 x 115mm and has 22 0.5W "It's our Generation 3" groups of led lights: 8 groups in front and 8 in back, 3 groups in side. Each led module has 8 x 0.5W led lights = 4W each module

The light bar has white alley and take down lights. The remaining lights are in amber. The lenses are clear. Traffic Advisor included. The light bar comes with the following:
* Long cords to the battery and control box

* 10 Button Control box

* Mounting brackets (2)

* One Year Warranty serviced in the USA.


Check out this video!!/video/video.php?v=143871399360
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